Just before starting off into the adventure of the summer holidays, two groups of boys from the De La Salle schools visited us.

Our tour guide Lady Anne greeted them and sent them on a treasure hunt around the courtyards and gardens. They discovered strange window shapes, learned about coats of arms and the fate of the Rothe family dog Pip.

By the looks of it, the pillory left the biggest impression to both groups.

The second group had a scary encounter with a plague doctor who told them about the plague of 1348 and Tudor hygiene regimens.

Some of the braver lads facing the Plague Doctor

A lunch break in the garden completed their visit. After all this time since the Rothe family lived here, they were allowed to sit on the lawn that was once reserved for the ladies of the house. They then headed off to St. Canice’s Cathedral on another treasure hunt.

We’re hoping to welcome more groups in the new school year!