Anne is from Leipzig, Germany and joined the Rothe House team in 2018.

What is your first memory of Rothe House?

Anne in the 2nd courtyard of Rothe House

Anne explaining the 1604 well

I was on holidays in Ireland with a friend in 2016 and visited Rothe House during our stay in Kilkenny. I think I was most impressed by the buildings and gardens. Three months later, I moved to Kilkenny, and the historic fabric of the city played a huge part in that decision.

What is your favourite part of Rothe House?

The fact that the buildings on their burgage plot is still intact and especially with the reconstructed garden. It really allows you to step back in time, when you can smell all the nice things John and Rose would have smelled.

What are you looking forward to most?

I enjoy telling people about the history of the Rothe family and the buildings, so I’m looking forward do giving tours in English and German.