Désirée joined the team during the summer of 2020 and has returned to new responsibilities. You will find her in the Merchant’s Shop.

What is your first memory of Rothe House?

That would be the opening day in 1966. My family lived down the road, and my mother, father and brother were invited. But I was too young and not invited. Curiousity, however, got the better of me and I snuck out under the not so watchful eye of the babysitter and joined my family. No way was I going to miss that!

What is your favourite part of Rothe House?

Definitely the new shop with its large range of beautifully handcrafted Irish products. And then, of course, the Phelan Room and Lanigan Room with their impressive opulence.

What are you looking forward to most?

It will be great to see life back in the place and having everything opening up again.