Sinead behind the new reception desk

Although being the youngest member amongst the permanent team, Sinead is our longest running receptionist and tour guide.

What is your first memory of Rothe House?

“My first memory of Rothe House was of the late Win Long, my former work colleague and much loved friend of the house.
FAS were running a full time Level 5 course based around Local History and Archaeology. I remember walking into the reception area (now the new and marvelous Merchant’s shop) and being greeted with a friendly smile and warm hello. We talked about the course and some local history. Later I had the honour of working with Win. She trained me in at reception and the rest is history – excuse the pun.
My first memory of the house physically was the court yards. It felt like I was stepping back in time. The sheer size of the property became clear as I walked through and I remember thinking “whoever built this house was an exceptionally wealthy individual” and found myself wanting to know more about him/her/them.”

What is your favourite part of the house & gardens?

“It’s hard to pick what my favourite part of Rothe House is, there are so many fantastic elements to choose from. What springs to mind first is the people, locally, nationally and internationally. All the fantastic stories and experiences. I love greeting new and old friends of the house. And of course my incredible work family!
The Kilkenny Archaeological Society is an other part of Rothe House worth mentioning and rightly so. The work the Society does is exceptional, owed to the astounding commitment of various members, and dedication to all things of historical value.
My favourite part of the property without a doubt has to be our garden. Flourished by our tremendous head Gardener Mary Pyke, the Garden is a reminder that with hard work, great interest, knowledge and devotion, you can create something magical.”

What are you looking forward to most after the re-opening?

“I’m looking forward to once again giving an experience to visitors from near and far. The history, the people who lived/worked/created dreams inside these very walls- sharing those stories and making visitors feels part of that.”