Over the coming months, Rothe House and Garden will become an oasis of calm, mindfulness and energy. Already, each Wednesday lunchtime in the setting of the stunning Tudor mansion, people have been taking part in half-hour Mindfulness sessions guided by Erica Balfour.

And now, from the 27th of January, Breda Gardner will offer a four-week course to help you get energised and make the most of 2015. The first two sessions are about energising your body and overcoming fatigue. Breda will guide the group in some gentle exercise to music, followed by a brief talk and some meditation. “People will come away feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed’, says Breda – a published author in the area of alternative wellbeing and a registered nurse.

Each evening will run from 8pm to 9.30pm in Rothe House and will cost €10 per session. Enquiries can be made to Rothe House, 056 7722893 or info@rothehouse.com. Proceeds will go towards the ongoing upkeep of Rothe House and Garden.


27th January – Energise your Body and Overcome Fatigue. Part 1

3rd February – Energise your Body and Overcome Fatigue. Part 2

10th February – The Power of The Now.

17th February – How Your Personality Type Effects Your Health