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Dr. Radu Zagreanu from The Museum Complex of Bistrita-Nasaud and Dr. Marius Ardeleanu from History and Archaeological Museum of Baia Mare county (Romania, Transylvania) invite all members and guests for an informal lecture on ‘’ The Celts of Transylvania”. In this lecture the audience is invited to travel along on a journey of the Celtic migration and interaction with Dacian culture of the eastern part of Europe, the return of the Celtic world through the Roman armies in this region during the Roman conquest of Dacia, Celtic elements reminiscent in local folklore and popular culture. It will be a unique experience focused onan area of the Celtic world poorly known in Western Europe. Celtic influence on Dacian population seems to have been very large, but several issues require further careful research and debates.

The lecture will cover some few topics such as: The Migration of Celtic people in the Balkans; Interaction with the native population (Dacians); Presentation of archaeological artifacts of Celtic origin from Transylvania; short presentations of La Téne culture in Transylvania; Celtic tribes in Transylvania; The Celtic Helmets from Transylvania (One of the best known and most often reproduced piece of Celtic art is the helmet found in awarrior’s chieftain’s grave at Ciume?ti, Romania); The Roman conquest and the arrival of Celtic auxiliary troops in Roman Dacia province; elements of Celtic influence in Transylvanian folklore and popular arts.

It will be an intriguing experience for those who want to make an imaginary journey to the ancient world of the Eastern Europe, by the time of the highest expansion of the Celtic civilisation to it’s end. Archaeological artifacts, linguistic reminiscences, artistic and cultural influences are extremely important for a greater understanding and clarity of events which helped to shape Europe history and forming an invisible ‘’bridge” of connection between different parts of the world.


Wednesday26th November 8pm

admission €5 for KAS members, €7 for non-members