book 3
We are very pleased to announce that we have an exciting new book available for purchase in our gift shop at Rothe House & Garden.  The book comprises a number of drawings by artist Roger O’Reilly, which up to now have only been available as illustrations to view in the house.

The book, lavish in its detail and information, takes the form of a journal composed by a fictitious James Long Esq whom is an apprentice for John Rothe himself during the early 17th century.  James gives us a snapshot of his life and that of the city in a very interesting period of history, through his drawings and handwritten observations and descriptions.

The book is suitable for all ages and all levels of interest and is a definite must have for the visitor to Rothe House & Garden or those simply interested in this period of time.  It is available from the gift shop, priced €6.99

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