Family History Course 2017

This nine week course on family history, directed by Mr Pat Nolan director of “Researching your own family’s history – a nine-week introductory course to methods and sources” has been running for more than twenty-five years. It is especially suitable for those who have often felt they would like to undertake their own family history but are not too sure where to start or how best to go about it. It will also be of great value to those who have ‘been at it for years’ but would welcome some guidance about sources and where they are to be found.

During the weeks of the course in the Kilkenny Archaeological Society’s headquarters, Rothe House, you become familiar with and comfortable in venues which some of our members can find intimidating. Each location tend to have their individual requirements and ‘rules of engagement. Once you have had an opportunity to become familiar with their methods of operation any such reluctance to visit them is soon dissipated – one of the many advantages offered by this long established programme.

This year’s course begins on Tuesday evening, October 3rd in Rothe House at 7.15 and continues until 9.30 – with a welcome break for tea/coffee and an informal, social chat at mid -point. Comprehensive notes and necessary materials are provided each evening. Details of the course are available in a brochure available to personal callers to Rothe House. It sets out the topics covered during each of the weekly sessions and also provides information on the optional all-day, fully conducted, field trip to Dublin at the conclusion of the programme.

Course fees are €125 and early booking is advised with enrolement to Rothe House on or before 2nd October 5.30pm. Spaces are of necessity limited and are provided on a first come first served basis. For booking and additional information please drop into Rothe House (phone 056 77 22 893) or contact Pat Nolan on 087 24 11 9 55.