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RHT provides the genealogy service for Kilkenny City and County. We have recently joined with other counties in an on-line service for users, using a central web-site which will be a one-stop shop for all the available Irish genealogical records on the island of Ireland. This is an initiative of the Irish Family History Foundation, and the site contains 8.6 million birth, baptismal, marriage and death records from the 1600s to the 1900s. The cost of building the database and maintaining the service means that charges will apply to users.  The site is at

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  1. Maryann Hajduk
    Maryann Hajduk says:

    Dear Mary,

    This is a request to see what information may be discovered on the family of my great grandfather, Thomas F. Manning. You had previously discovered that Thomas, the son of Thomas Manning & Mary Egan had been baptized in Kilkenny on October 14, 1852. One of the sponsors was Nicholas Manning. We know nothing of Nicholas Manning. We do know that Thomas had an elder sister, Ellen Mary. From Ellen’s death certificate, my family discovered Ellen was born in Kilkenny. Information from a great aunt had told us that the Mannings came from Tipperary – it seems that was incorrect.

    We would like to know whatever information can be discovered about the Manning & Egan families through your sources. Please let me know what might be done to discover this information.

    Best regards,
    Maryann Hajduk

  2. Billy Brown
    Billy Brown says:

    I have records relating to the parents of Julia Doyle who got married 8th October 1867 at Roman Catholic Chapel of St Mary district of Kilkenny by priest Michael Kavanagh. Bryan Doyle full age widower, labourer, of Walkin Street, married Lettitia Price spinster of Paynty Street. On the marriage certificate, Bryan Doyle’s father is listed as Pat Doyle. Bryan and Lettitia’s daughter is called Julia Doyle who was born 14th March 1874 registered in the district of Graigen, Thomastown. She then married Bernard McCabe (not Mac) bachelor, soldier, John Street, at St Canices Roman Catholic Chapel on 6th May 1895. Thomas Kelly Dean married them. Can you please provide any further information between 1895 to the present day? I am particularly interested in the Doyle side of the family, however any information which may be of assistance is appreciated.

  3. hogan
    hogan says:

    Hi hope you can help me, i am trying to trace my family roots. My granfather lived in Thomas st Kilkenny and he reared his family of six boys and one girl.His name was tommy and he fought in the first world war with the Britch army. He was also a prisoner of war in India.His boys names were tommy, paddy jimmy richard michael and johnny, his daughtername was kathleen. I would appreciate any help if you can, thank you very much

  4. roisin
    roisin says:

    Hello, thanks for your enquiry. The information you have given us is quite vague, and I would encourage you to visit our Genealogy page on our website, complete the information form and send it to our genealogist at She can then assess your information, to find out if we can help you or not.

    Kind regards

    Rothe House & Garden

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