Sponsor a Tree in the Rothe Garden!

Rothe House Trust launched a new Fundraising Campaign just before Christmas 2008, to help with the cost of the Garden Restoration project. You can choose one of the following items to sponsor and in return we will assign a plaque to the item to commemorate you, or someone else of your choosing.

Benches:Handmade wooden benches specially designed for comfort and ease of use. € 1,000 each

Oak Trees: Semi mature clipped oak trees 2 metres tall. € 600 each

Apple Trees: All old Irish apple varieties, planted in the upper garden. € 40 each.

Roses and Shrubs: A wide variety of roses and shrubs throughout the garden. € 25 each.

Bay Trees: 6 bay trees planted in pots in the lower garden. € 200 each.

Cobbles: limestone cobbles to be set in the entranceway at New Building Lane. € 100 each.

Simply contact 056 7722893 or email rothehouse@eircom.net for more information on how to take part.

This is your opportunity to support the Kilkenny Archaeological Society and Rothe House Trust in our ambitious project to restore the Garden.

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